Planning My Wedding – How do I get Started?

“How do I start planning my wedding?” is one of the most important questions you will ever ask.  We at Life of the Party Entertainment say the most important place to start planning your wedding is your priority list. Determine Priorities Sit down with your fiancee and ask yourselves, “What are the most important priorities…

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Dress the Part

Yesterday, I was walking through Sam’s Club picking up some essentials when the siren song of the samples lured me to their lair, or table, as it were.  The tasty Mediterranean cheese and jalapeno bread  just began to tickle my tastebuds when the man at the table asked me a question that took be back,…

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Entertainment Advice

Do you want to dance at your wedding? Do you want your guests to dance at your wedding? If your grand vision of your wedding is for people to walk in and walk out, then my advice isn’t for you! Whether you are considering a live band, a DJ, or other means for music, there are…

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